Ken, can explain us the purpose of this information?

    KEN : This is not an information, it’s a position that we have an obligation so that we may move forward and to clearly explain the situation we are currently in. I believe that I have the solution to the problem of mandatory vaccination. Often it goes through the decrees that we see, and we must use the law, we must use the system that is in place to make sure we play against them, as they play against us with their own system. So, we must use their system against them in our advantage. As most people already know, I’ve testified at the Charbonneau Commission… Alright.

    ANDRE: This book here?

    KEN: … Michel Picard wrote the book… What’s important about The Charbonneau Commission? There are some who do not want to talk about it as a commission because it’s not worth it, except that it is written. We pass recommendations and pass laws through commissions and on the Charbonneau Commission, 60 recommendations were passed but there is also a very important law that was granted. All companies… all companies that have committed a crime or accused of fraud have lost the right to obtain a contract/bid with the state.

    ANDRE: I see you coming.

    KEN: All of them! I will repeat because it’s important for the world to understand. All the companies that committed fraud, criminally charged have lost the rights of bidding with the state. Because of this, we handed enormous control to the AMF. (Autorité des Marchés Financiers). What we’ve been given here is another power. UPAC was provided to enforce the law jointly. (Permanent Anti-Corruption Unit) These two entities, AMF and UPAC. The AMF has a blacklist of companies that cannot do business with the state. In a sense there’s no straight pass.

    ANDRE: They can’t bid anymore?

    KEN: If they were convicted of criminal fraud…

    ANDRE: Is there a time frame for that?

    KEN: No, absolutely not… criminal acts and fraud. Now, I’ve spoken with several lawyers and as usual all the consulted lawyers, have the intellectual awareness of an inflatable doll by what they are clowns who know nothing. They like to apply their laws and be called masters. They are not our masters, and I will prove it to you quite quickly today. As previously explained, the Charbonneau Commission was created in applying precedent recommendations to follow. A law granted the AMF to be an entity monitoring certain companies that have been put on a blacklist in Quebec and it’s now impossible to bid on contracts. This is effective for the whole planet so even if you have committed fraud or criminal acts outside the country, in Quebec you are banned.

    ANDRE: Give us examples of companies that fall into this matter. Those who cannot bid.

    KEN: Specifically in the vaccine business, Pfizer. Pfizer in 2009, penalty fines of 2.3 billion. What for? Fraud Indictment for mislabelling medication for the purpose of providing, defrauding, and deceiving. 1 billion more for Pfizer for offering bribes and luxurious stays to health institutions insisting on prescribing four drugs Zenex, Lyrica, Bextra and Geodon. UPAC! Hear me well and AMF too! Pfizer cannot by your laws be in Quebec with its vaccine! … $95 million to settle a 2009 fraud charge on extra-billing. Glaxosmithkline, 3 billion fines in 2011 for marketing fraud on certain numbers of drugs illegally, such as antidepressant Paxil. AstraZeneca, $520 million in 2010 fines to settle charges by the federal government that it illegally marketed to children, elderly, veterans, and inmates for uses not approved by the FDA. All charged criminally of fraud that paid extravagant fines. Johnson & Johnson 1.1 billion in 2012 for concealing, minimizing, and concealing certain risks associated with its antipsychotic drug such as Risperdal. The Judge uncovered 240,000 law violations. More than a quarter of Risperdal of the drug has been consumed by adolescents and children. Merks is the same thing. In closing, Abbott paid $1.5 billion for fraud in 2012, pleaded guilty. Crimes are repetitive! I have a book here called “Deadly Remedies and Organized Crime.” There are at least 50 pharmaceutical companies that have committed the same acts. In summary, the importance of this and to know that these companies have all been criminally charged. If we apply the law in force, UPAC has a duty to immediately stop the contracts, immediately the doses given to people for the simple reason that they ended up on a blacklist. At least have a stop of its distributions until we find a drug from a company not on the blacklist. There is no name or number to identify this law, it is a power that was decreed by the recommendations of the Charbonneau Commission, entrusting authority to the AMF. Its power stipulates that the AMF must arrest companies that have been criminally charged in Quebec, Canada or elsewhere in the world.

    ANDRE: So for all those who are listening to us, people would have to write a letter to AMF or prepare an exemplary template for others.

    KEN: I’m going to send an official letter on Monday, that’s for sure. I’ll call UPAC and the AMF. What I ask of the people listening is to share this video on YouTube, Facebook or anywhere else to help spread the word. … call UPAC, AMF and your politicians. All your politicians are complicit if they do not apply the law in force to stop discrimination, intimidation, fraud, and corruption. This is why AMF was created by the Charbonneau Commission… UPAC had a contract of 50 to 60 million more. So the police officers who work for UPAC have a duty to monitor and enforce the said law. The AMF has the right if it refuses there is no more…

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